Yoga, Ayurved and Meditation

# Nature is the most powerful physician for body and mind. At Sunrise Health we see this as science of life. Amidst the greens, pollution free, tranquil & feel at home ambience, the calming of busy mind and rejuvenation of a weary body comes naturally ! One of the most comprehensive health spas in the Jaipur (Raj.), Sunrise Health is a personal retreat where you make the rules. Nourishment for the mind, body and soul is guaranteed at this leading health spa, as is a child-free and stress-free environment, not to mention a truly life enriching experience.As you lay relaxed by the pool, play a round of golf or simply enjoy a pamper day, the outside world will seem a million miles away. If you’ve never tried it before, pop down for a sauna and swim just before bedtime and you will be left incredibly relaxed.

Top resort chefs offer meals that are based on the principles of moderation, balance and variety and the Champneys food philosophy enables our guests to boost both their inner health and their outer beauty.

# To rejuvenate your body. mind & soul and achieve your full potential through heightened consciousness. Sunrise offers you number of health oriented programmes. Sunrise is a place for nature cure. It is integrating Ayurveda, Naturopathy, yoga. Meditation and Yunani systems of medicine under one roof. Cost effective healthcare is provided to cure deadly diseases like Heart disease. Diabetes, Arthritis, Blood Pressure, Depression, Skin diseases etc. It comprises combination of diet, physical fitness, peaceful surroundings, yoga, massages and natural medication. So, experience the wonders of natural medicine. Some of the treatments given are as follows: Panchakarma, Shirodhara, Kairali Massage, Mud Bath. Sauna- Steam, Jacuzzi, Chilled Bath. Bubal Bath, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Mangnutherapy, Hydrotherapy, Physiotherapy, Aroma Therapy, Aerobics etc.

# The SPA focuses on Indian ancient science of Yoga & Ayurveda and Naturopathy and integrates these ancient streams with Stress Management & beauty therapies. The SPA building constructed over 30,000 Sqft area. 24 Luxurious therapy Rooms, 5 Consultation Rooms, 2 Meditation & Relaxation Room. 2 Nos. Yoga Venue. Fitness Center, AJC Gym, Aerobics Facility, Steam, Jacuzzi, Sauna, Chilled Bath, Milk Bath. Bubble Bath. Swimming Pool. Herbal Mud Pool, Acupressure Track etc.

Helth Spa :
Ayurveda offers you an ancient experience in Sunrise with Yoga & Meditation. Naturopathy doctor guide you for new life style.
* Jacuzzi
* Steam
* Chilled Bath, Sauna Bath
* Bubal Bath
* Panchakarma
* Ayurvedic Herbal Massage
* Shirodhara
* Aroma Therapy
* Hydrotherapy
* Physiotherapy
* Magneto Therapy
* Mud Bath
* Yoga and Meditation
* Aerobics
* Sress Counselling
* Accupressure Walk
* Herbal Nature Walk
* Laughing & Clapping Therapy
* Ac Beauty Parlour
* Complete Ac Gym

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