About Unseen Rajasthan

Unseen Rajasthan, one of the areas finest travel companies, offers exclusive and exciting tours of Rajasthan. We provide the discerning tourist a number of options, including excursions to deserts, to wildlife areas, to ancient structures and artifacts, and to our modern cities, But there's more. We are called Unseen Rajasthan because we offer as a bonus what is often unseen in Rajasthan!

For those who have dreamed of forts and palaces, or kings and queens; for those who have fantasized about living as royalty - let us make your dreams and fantasies come true.

Experience the magic of the sun kissed desert the kaleidoscope of colors spice and royalty which lies in every nook and corner of Rajasthan with the speedy development in the state''s capital "Jaipur" the state promise to combine the essence of culture, knowledge , color and modesty with the comfort of living royalty. 

When god created this world,he planted his heart in Rajasthan, the aura of "shanti" in the royal manner and the feel of warmth in the air the soul of Rajasthan will make you believe the fact, the lingo itself melts the heart of many with " khama-ghani", "baisa", "banna". 

The state is seals in its heart the golden book of esoteric occult, undisclosed tales of love, romance, wars and royal family etc. To unveil the tales, the culture, the soul of "UNSEEN RAJASTHAN" the perspicacious and profound globetrotter Mr. BHARAT KSHATRIYA with their go-getter attitude made an advent grade attempt to show the culture pride and heritage of Rajasthan.

We not only show the real story of Rajasthan but make you feel the warmth plunging your heart till the depth.

Its Unseen Rajasthan, Its us, we show you the core, what others don’t.

“Padharo Mahare Des”

Tourism and Rajasthan go side by side. As you take a tour of Rajasthan with us, you will explore so many new facets of Rajasthan. Whether it is the sand dunes or the massive forts and palaces, you will realize that there is no other place like Rajasthan. For a traveler who is interested in the history, culture and the lifestyle of the people of the Oriental world, Rajasthan is just the perfect tourist destination. Unlike what its barren scenery suggests, you will find that Rajasthan is the most colorful and interesting place inhabited by humans. An exotic land, a dream come true for the Western world, Rajasthan was home to the Rajputs, the martial races of India known equally for their love of arts and architecture as well as valor and chivalry.

Tourism opportunities in Rajasthan are immense. Unseen Rajasthan offers a great variety of tour & travel experiences. Whether it is sand dunes, Desert safari, forts and palaces, the colorful tribal life or the fairs and festivals of Rajasthan, travelers to Rajasthan are assured of a truly regal experience. Come, feel the royalty of Rajasthan yourself !