# Location: 26°55′N 70°54′E
Highlights: Sand Dunes,Haveli''''s And Desert National Park.

Area: 5.1Km(2)
Population: 78,000
Altitude: 229 Mtrs
Languages: English, Hindi, Marwadi
Best Time to Visit: July to March
STD Code: 02992
Summer: 41.6 ºC (max) 26 ºC (min)
Winter : 23.6 ºC (max) 9.7ºC (min)

The History of Jaisalmer has a charm of its own. Like all other cities of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer too has its own glorious past to boast about. History of Jaisalmer draws heavily from the history of the Rajputana. The city is said to be founded by one Raja Rawal Jaisal, a Bhatti Rajput ruler, in approximately 1156 A D. Unlike any other city, this desert fortress is one of Rajasthan''''''''s most exotic and unusual towns. Jaisalmer, an important ancient trading centre because of its strategic location on the camel trade routes, is often described as the golden city. The havelis, built by merchants of the 19th century, are exquisitely carved from golden-yellow sandstone and are still in a beautiful condition. The fort built by Rawal Jaisal in the 12th century, stands on the 80 metre high Trikuta hill, with beautifully carved Jain temples.

PLACES OF INTEREST JAISALMER FORT: The fort stands about 100 meters over the city and in fact houses a citadel within its huge ramparts.# Walking down the narrow cobbled stone lanes, one can feel the sheer magic of Jaisalmer. Several entrances called Pols , including the Ganesh Pol, Suraj Pol, Bhoota Pol and the Hava Pol guard the Megh Durbar and the Jawahar Mahal which were occupied by the royal family. Outside the fort is the main market place called Manek Chowk. From Manek Chowk, one can walk into the lanes where the famous carved havelis are to be found.

THE HAVELIS OF JAISALMER SALIM SINGH KI-HAVELI This haveli was the residence of the powerful Mohta clan - the hereditary ministers of the Jaisalmer rulers. The blue cupola roof is distinctive and an exquisite projecting balcony adorns the top story.

PATWON-KI-HAVELI This is one of the largest and most elaborate havelis in Jaisalmer. It is five storeys high and extensively carved.

#NATHMALJI-KI-HAVELI One very interesting fact about this haveli is that its two sides were carved by two brothers. Although the motif used by one is not similar to the other, they are in harmony. One has to look very closely to spot dissimilarities. The excellent craftsmanship of the stone carver is illustrated in the gossamer quality of the screened windows

From Jaisalmer, it is posible to get an insight into desert life by visiting SAM. It is great place to see patterns carved out by winds on the sand. Camel rides on the sand dunes are an unforgettable experience as is the sunset.