# Location: Northeast of Jaipur (115 kms from Jaipur)
Highlights: Old Fort Famous For Ghosts.
Languages: Hindi,Rajasthani
Best Time to Visit: October to March
STD Code: 0144
Summer: 37ºC (max) 24ºC (min)
Winter : 31ºC (max) 07ºC (min)

Located at a distance of around 80 kms from the main city of Alwar, Bhangarh is a mysterious town for its visitors. Being an excavated town away from the bustling city life, Bhangarh in Alwar is a favorite destination for the tourists arriving in the city. The excavated city of Bhangarh is connected to Alwar via Sariska by a road where you can savor nature''''''''s gift of beautiful surroundings.

#There is no chronological evidences about the history of the town but it is said that Bhangarh was earlier a flourishing city. The king of Sindh wanted to avenge his embarrassment before the queen of Bhangarh. So he gave up his kingdom and started practicing black magic and other similar acts in Bhangarh. Later the city was destroyed in the conflict between the queen of Bhangarh and the erstwhile king of Sindh. It is believed that the entire city was destroyed overnight after the king of Sindh died cursing the city and its people.

Bhangarh in Alwar is associated with a number of myths. It was believed that black magic prevailed in the entire area and who so ever went there did not come back. For this reason, the area was left barren for a long time. After the area was excavated and the ruins of the ancient town of Bhangarh emerged, the locals dropped the fear and started going to the place. Still some people believe that evil spirits and ghosts inhabit the town.

#A number of temples belonging to various deities of Hindu religion are still located in the excavated town of Bhangarh in Alwar. The main temples in the area belong to Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman, Dev Narayan Ji, Bhairav Nath Ji, Someshwar Mahadev and Gopinath temple. Apart from these temples, the place also has a shrine of a Muslim saint called Sayeed Ji. The town also has sprawling gardens for its visitors. Nowadays you can often see locals arriving to these gardens for a family picnic.